Impact Drills

Makita Impact Drills

TD0101F Impact Driver

Compact design for perfect handling. 230W.

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HP1230 10mm

Aluminum gear housing provides high quality and toughness. 400W.

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HP1630 13mm

High powered motor. 710W.

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HP1640 13mm

Dual purpose for "Rotation only" and "Rotation with hammering". 680W.

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HP2050 13mm

Slender and compact body with durable metal gear housing. 720W.

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HP2051 13mm

Slender and compact body with durable metal gear housing (with keyless drill chuck). 720W.

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HP2010N 13mm

Industrial metal gear housing for long lasting durability. 750W.

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HP2020 13mm

Extra Heavy Duty - 2-Speed. For fast and steady drilling. 800W.

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HP2070 13mm

Power in a slender and compact body. 1,010W.

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**Tools are not supplied with drill bits, discs, etc, unless otherwise stated. The above tools shown are suitable for industrial applications unless otherwise stated. Models shown are a representation only and not to scale.**

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