18V + 18V = 36V Cordless Brushless Robotic Cleaner

Makita 18V + 18V Cordless Brushless Robotic Cleaner DRC200Z


18V + 18V LXT 18V LXT BL Brushless Robotic Cleaner

  • Makita's Intelligent Robotic Cleaner For Commercial / Industrial Use
  • Automatic Cleaning thanks to many sensors with selectable two running modes: Random Mode Cleaning / Pattern Mode Cleaning
  • Cleaning Area Setting Function enables user to define a cleaning area
  • Able to clean an area of 300 m² per 120 min with a coverage rate of 80% (two BL1830B in parallel)
  • Large 2.5L dust box attachable / detachable from the top of the cleaner
  • Powered by two 18V Li-ion batteries in parallel; Able to run with a single battery thanks to parallel battery connection
  • BL Brushless DC motor: All motors are energy-efficient and highly durable BL Brushless DC motor
  • On-Timer allows for automatic cleaning at night in a deserted office, warehouse, etc
  • Selectable Two Dust Collection Modes; "Vacuum Plus Power Brush Mode" for collecting both small and large debris; "Power Brush Only mode" for collecting large debris only
  • Large Side Brushes enable to clean alongside walls, around obstacles or tight corners in either of the running modes
  • LED Warning Lamp for filter maintenance will warn you with buzzer and LED light if air filter becomes clogged
  • Wireless Remote Controller of 20m communication range for finding cleaner location after cleaning is finished and for start / stop control
  • Obstacle Detection with Ultrasonic Sensor and Bumper Sensor
  • Four IR Cliff Sensors are located on the front left and right, and the rear left and right to minimize the cleaner from falling down steps or stairs
  • Power Brush Service Function indicates that power brush is locked by debris, etc
  • Buzzer and Blinking Light make nearby workers to be alert of the location of the cleaner while running; the buzzer can be muted
  • Large Carry Handle allows for one-handed carry
  • Dual LED Battery Charge Indicators show charge level for each battery
  • Easy Maintenance; Dust Box / Power Brush / Filter are wahable
  • - Battery and charger sold separately.

       Continuous Use (min.) w/ BL1850B x2: 200
        w/ BL1830B x2: 120
       Max cleaning area w/ BL1850B x2: 500 m²
        w/ BL1830B x2: 300 m²
       Max running speed 0.3 m/sec
       Dust Box Capacity 2.5 L
       Dimensions (L x W x H) 460 x 460 x 180 mm (18-1/8 x 18-1/8 x 7-1/8")
       Net weight 7.8 kg (16.1 lbs.)


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